Abrachan Pudussery (Aby), is a highly experienced project management domain expert with in-depth understanding of various project management frameworks (PMBOK, PRINCE, TCM, Agile (Scrum). He has worked with multiple organizations in enhancing their project management competencies. His project management training programs are attended by more than twenty thousand professionals from different geographies. He is the founder member of the Project Management Research Institute, a nonprofit organization involved in collaborative research, development and deployment of knowledge, tools and services in the project management domain.

Extending Common Data Environment for Engineering projects

Common Data Environment (CDE) helps to solve the key challenges faced by the Project managers of large EPC projects. The Wrench SmartProject help organizations to create / extend their Common Data Environments (CDE) further by bringing in real time status updates, Schedule & Cost forecasts and BIM integration. Read further to understand how a large Metro rail project leveraged the power of Common Data Environment by using Wrench SmartProject.

Emerging trends in risk management

For most of us project risk management straightaway connects with risk identification, prioritization, response planning, contingency planning and implementation. What is really exciting is the fact that risk management landscape is fast changing or rather it must change as every day headlines bring new pointers that the future is on its way, and it feels…

7 steps to define Project’s Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)

The planning, organizing and delivery of large projects are extremely complex. The success or failure of such projects are determined by the project strategy. Large projects also involve many different stakeholders entering and exiting the project life cycle at different stages with different roles and responsibilities. Some of them can have conflicting interests. The complexity…

Work Break Down Structure - A representation

Work Break Down Structures – 10 Key Characteristics

Divide and rule is the philosophy behind developing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Creation of WBS happens after scope definition and before the development of the project schedule. Once the requirements are collected, and the scope is defined, then it is time to decompose the scope into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS is a deliverable oriented grouping of work. It decomposes the complete scope of the project into smaller manageable components known as Work Packages. WBS provide the break up of work that needs to be performed to construct and deliver the deliverables of the project. Read more