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Over 9000 projects valued at $400 Billion

WRENCH Solutions leverages modern digital technology to help engineering and construction companies plan, manage, monitor, and deliver their projects successfully. Our technology integrates project management with collaboration and quality management on a secure cloud-based platform.

Customers can set up solutions to fit their requirements for the entire project life cycle across engineering, procurement, and construction or for a particular phase.

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To be the trusted Digital Transformation partner for Engineering & Construction companies.


To deliver cutting-edge technology and global best practices for the engineering and construction sector with world-class services from our committed and knowledgeable team, to provide maximum value to customers.


We use the latest cutting-edge technology in our solutions and encourage innovation in other aspects such as business models, rapid deployment, Work as One, and Project Analytics.


We foster a high-performing culture by combining individual performance, teamwork, and mentorship. We are there for each other, our customers, our partners, and our people.


We act with integrity in all we do and we are committed to everything we do. We will always go the extra mile to help our customers, our team members, and our partners.


We advocate information-driven decision-making all the way from our frontline team to the committed backend team that stands behind them.

About WRENCH Solutions - Timeline

K.V. Daniel

CEO, WRENCH Solutions

From the CEO’s Desk

As you know, Digital Transformation is becoming the buzzword for everything these days. Does it mean anything to you?

Going Digital is not a choice any longer. If you want to continue to function in the urban world you have to address the question right now. Every aspect of your life, from banking to travel to education to day-to-day housekeeping is going digital as we speak. Think of internet banking, travel booking, social media…

My question to each of you is: are you ready for the digital world? And now you will wonder – what does it mean to be ready? I would say that it means that you are able to confidently live, work, and play in a digitized society, along with all that such a lifestyle entails (good or bad).

You have the choice to like or dislike the digital trend (or be neutral about it) but you cannot ignore it. You can think of digitization as a benefit, a sign of progress, a nuisance, a mystery, or some combination of these but whatever your personal preference, it is always smart to learn as much as you can about the world in which you live, and that is why I would encourage every one of you to explore Digitization as an option for your business.

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