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Company Overview

From manufacturing to construction: harnessing the power of digitization

The Wrench story begins in the manufacturing industry in 1994, when ‘Information Technology’ meant CAD, email, Msoffice, Novel network and very little else. In this environment, fresh-from-college mechanical engineers Varghese Daniel and Aju Peter had an idea that they could improve the product design process with a new kind of Information Technology – that did not yet exist – and to build which they started the company that later became Wrench Solutions.

Leveraging the principle ‘The whole is greater than the sum of parts’, they built a product that used best practices to standardize processes across every department, and automation to improve efficiency across every process, task, and activity. At the time, this was an unheard-of innovation. After convincing Widia & Mico-Bosch the two German Indian subsidiaries to give it a try, companies like L&T,  BHEL, BEL, Flowserve, Xomox followed suit. The Wrench line of manufacturing-related products continues to be sold and implemented under the brand ‘WRENCH-Collab”.

In 2005, Wrench recognised a similar situation in the Energy & infrastructure industry, where reliance on manual effort results in almost every project falling prey to delay and cost overrun. Wrench applied the knowledge gained in manufacturing to build a product for the Engineering & construction sector, with a focus on Engineering deliverable management. The first user of this integrated Engineering management system was water treatment major VATECH WABAG (who called it ‘A dream come true’).

In the next few years Wrench expanded to the Middle East and Asia and acquired customers like CH2M Habtoor Leighton, Atkins, Simon Carves, Tata Group, ENOC, and TOYO, to name a few.

In 2015, Wrench released SmartProject, an end-to-end, integrated, cloud-based system that could be rolled out on the full project cycle of engineering, procurement, and construction. SmartProject is in use on 9000+ Projects across 25 countries.

Wrench is currently working with partners in USA, Middle east and China to raise awareness about the advantages of a system-driven work process over a manually-driven one.

Commitment to

We believe in building simple solutions which are easy to learn, use and adopt.

Commitment to
Customer Success

We define our success as our customer’s success.

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Ethical Behavior

We are transparent and fair in all our activities and act with utmost good faith towards customers.

Commitment to
Mutual Respect

Give respect and take respect is the norm we live up to.

About WRENCH Solutions - Timeline

K.V. Daniel

CEO, WRENCH Solutions

From the CEO’s Desk

Virtual EPC. Integrated Project Management. Common Data Environments. Machine Learning. Smart devices.
So many new words. So much new jargon.
Speaking as an engineer, I’d say they’re all just new solutions for old problems.
Speaking as a software developer, I’d say they represent a new era in the engineering industry –  a long overdue one – where human skill and human ingenuity is supported, and indeed driven, by technology and automation.
What does that mean, on the ground?
It means a lifeline for troubled projects. It means digitized processes, with everything good and bad that that implies. It means new possibilities, new opportunities, new advantages. It means efficiency and transparency and accountability and security. It means empowered owners and contractors and consultants and everybody working together in cooperation despite their differences. It means smart technology helping people, it means a level(er) playing field with less vulnerability and more control. All these are very good things, I would say.
It’s early days yet, but from where I’m sitting it looks like a fun ride. See you along the way.