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End-to-end project management for a Metro Rail Project

Metro rail projects are highly complex, because they involve many stakeholders – Govt. authorities, Project Owner organizations, Investors, EPC contractor and many more sub-contractors & consultants. Each piece of the project is built by the joint efforts of these stakeholders. That requires massive amount of project information to be shared and tracked in real time. Challenge with…


7 steps to define Project’s Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)

The planning, organizing and delivery of large projects are extremely complex. The success or failure of such projects are determined by the project strategy. Large projects also involve many different stakeholders entering and exiting the project life cycle at different stages with different roles and responsibilities. Some of them can have conflicting interests. The complexity…

Work Break Down Structure - A representation

Work Break Down Structures – 10 Key Characteristics

Divide and rule is the philosophy behind developing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Creation of WBS happens after scope definition and before the development of the project schedule. Once the requirements are collected, and the scope is defined, then it is time to decompose the scope into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS is a deliverable oriented grouping of work. It decomposes the complete scope of the project into smaller manageable components known as Work Packages. WBS provide the break up of work that needs to be performed to construct and deliver the deliverables of the project. Read more


Document & data management in Indian Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects generate a lot of information, shared amongst multiple users and stakeholders through the project lifecycle. The question is: how is this information managed? How is it stored, shared, disseminated, accessed, updated? The short answer is: inefficiently. Project data  management in Indian Infrastructure projects In a typical Indian Infrastructure project, the method of managing…


Key benefits of Integrated Agile Project delivery from a 1.6 billion Oil and Gas project

Introduction Key benefits of Integrated Agile Project delivery from a 1.6 billion Oil and Gas project; Project completion ahead of 36 months schedule 90% on time delivery of deliverables 80% deliverables completed within budget 100% quality assurance across all team’s output 80% reduction in errors and rework Key enablers Integrated planning Multiple levels of planning…