The WRENCH Research, Implementation, and Development Centre has three prime goals – make our clients happy, develop cutting edge technology and enjoy what we do at work. WRIDE is located in the up-and-coming metropolis of Kochi. A city touted as the next IT Centre of India, Kochi is also the birthplace of the company’s founders and boasts one of Asia’s most advanced Special Economic Zones.

Here Is What Some WRENCHINEERS Say

Vinod Alex

Manager – Product Engineering

Talent and experience work together here in a rhythmic way, and together spell ‘success’. It’s a place where we can truly feel the pains and gains of the ultimate user and it gives us real motivation and energy.

Thanuja Eldhose

Assistant Manager -Product Technical

I have been working in WRENCH for the last 12 years. With WRENCH I grew up personally and career wise. We work as a family here. All the employees have the freedom to express their suggestions and the management is very receptive to suggestions. Extraordinary performers are always rewarded and recognized here. Communication channel here is open without any hierarchical barriers. Since WRENCH gives utmost importance to their employee’s family, I can strike perfect balance between work and my family life. Female employees are given extra care and respect. These are the factors due to which I am closely bonded to WRENCH.

Shajan S

Assistant Manager -Product Technical

WRENCH is a great place to start our career. There are lot of opportunities here to grow our technical & interpersonal skills. I really enjoy working with WRENCH because it is a perfect working environment where I can grow my career, share my thoughts with the open management and work with passionate colleagues. The management is very supportive and highly accessible. WRENCH follows a strong corporate culture and helps to maintain a good work life balance. I am excited to be part of a team that designs and delivers high-quality solutions to world-class customers.

Remya Ravindran

Asst. Manager (Functional Support)

I have been working with WRENCH for the past 9 years and it’s like a family for me. Knowing the difficulties of a working mother, especially in IT industry I can surely say to anyone that I am with an organization which values every aspect of a person rather than considering them only as a ‘resource’. This always gives me the energy to work forward and take up any challenge in my official as well as personal life. WRENCH has a magic where every employee here will be put in to the most suitable position and support them to expose their complete potential and be most successful. I am so proud and thankful to be a part of WRENCH family.

Anoop V Kartha

Manager – Technical Support

The 8 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. If you want to work in good environment you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment – WRENCH is the place.

Subin K Thomas

Assistant Manager – Quality Assurance

It has been ten years since I have been working with WRENCH and the journey has given growth, success and learning par excellence. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. I would accept that WRENCH has an open communication channel, without any hierarchical barriers. Within the organization, I have always witnessed a management which is focused on growth of its people and the organization.

Manesh C Mamachan

Manager – R&D and Prototyping

Delvin Raphael P J

Assistant Manager -Product Technical

WRENCH is a great place to work. Before joining any organization, there are two things that matter – people and the kind of work. The decision to join a company depends on company ethics, its goals and its members. WRENCH has been a perfect organization on all these fronts. Over the years WRENCH has given me ample opportunities to work with some of the great minds which helped me grow as a professional as well as an individual. Today, I stand tall with my vast experience and proudly say that I am part of the “WRENCH” family.

George Mathew

Manager – Customer Support

The work-life balance is amazing. Above all, I’m blessed with an excellent team that always wants to deliver the best to our customers. Yes, we are WRENCHINEERS and we are proud to be called so.

Sunil Kumar

Manager (Product Communication)

I have been working here for the last 9 years. The people at WRENCH from the top down are positive, caring, friendly, helpful and truly a ‘family’ yet professional atmosphere. It is a joy coming to work each day!” I love the flexibility I have to balance my work life and home life. I love working here because no day is ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations, which helps me to stay focused and interested. I also enjoy being able to be as creative as I can.