Engineering Deliverable Management

  • Facility to register the complete list of deliverables required to complete the project.
  • Facility to register the estimated manhours for each deliverable and automatically calculate the contribution to the project.
  • Facility to provide planned dates to deliverables. Can be synchronized from project plan in MS Project / Primavera, through excel.
  • Facility to assign interim milestones with dates to each deliverable.
  • Facility to assign and deliverables to groups like a WBS- Work Breakdown Structure The groups (WBS) normally used is the Department/ Disciplines and document type. For Example: Engineering ->Process-> P&ID etc.
  • Facility to roll up/ aggregate, progress (planned) based on interim milestone/ deliverables weightages.
  • Facility to publish these deliverables for action to the respective engineering team.
  • Facility to provide To-Do List to users based on the publishing and role of user in the engineering team.
  • Facility to get the planned progress on a weekly/ monthly basis for a deliverable, group of deliverables (WBS) and the project.
  • Facility to link the deliverable file to the corresponding deliverable ‘placeholder’.
  • Automatic updating of actual dates on the interim milestone based on events/ stages like- files added, transmittal to client, approval code of client, internal review completion etc.
  • Facility to roll up/ aggregate, progress (actual) based on interim milestone/ deliverables weightages.
  • Facility to monitor the planned vs actual vs forecast on a deliverable, group of deliverables (WBS) and at the project level.
  • Facility to populate the forecast dates for the deliverable and its interim milestones on a regular interval.
  • Facility to set reminders/ escalation or notifications for deliverable/ group of deliverables (WBS)

Creating and Publishing Deliverables

  • Facility that the deliverables information/metadata is linked to the project deliverables.
  • Facility to create document metadata/ information and link the files to the meta data.
  • Facility to auto generate the document number based on the project or company logic
  • Facility to maintain internal/ customer/ vendor document numbers as metadata for deliverables
  • Facility to maintain the revision number of the deliverables and have access rights on the older revisions.
  • Facility to define user defined title blocks for the Company and also flexibility required to specify for project/customer specific title blocks.
  • Facility to define document categories and document type based on workflows/ other default information and security.
  • Facility to define standard ISO templates and distribution list for a document type.
  • Facility to automatically generate drawing number based on user defined logic.
  • Automatic updating of AutoCAD drawing Title blocks with the drawing properties from the database as drawing number, description, project, scale, revision number etc.
  • Facility to search and retrieve document deliverables files using searching using multiple criteria, like drawing number, description, discipline, document type etc.
  • Facility to view the deliverables files from the deliverable (tasks) metadata/ schedule information
  • Facility to view deliverables through virtual folders, which are predefined search criteria.
  • Facility to view the drawing/document without the application software used to create them, by using adobe viewer or addon multi format viewer.

Editing and working with the deliverable’s files

  • Facility to link default properties to deliverables based on the document group.
  • Facility to maintain templates for document groups and use for project deliverables.
  • Facility to link the deliverables to electronic workflow.
  • Facility to link access rights to the electronic workflow resources assigned.

Workflow Management QMS

  • Facility to define user-defined electronic workflow graphically with its work process stages defined.
  • Facility to complete stage by sending to the pre-defined next stage
  • Facility that the design creation, review, client transmittal, client approval are depicted as stages.
  • Facility to assign default user/ roles/ groups for each stage.
  • Facility to assign the deliverables or the document to the electronic workflow.
  • Facility that the users of each stage is filtered based on the resources assigned in the project.
  • Facility to reassign resource of a stage during routing, if required.
  • Facility that a to do list is created for each user in the current stage( open stage) of the electronic workflow
  • Facility to assign security access control on the deliverable/documents based on the status of the stages.
  • Facility to define email template during the routing between stages with user defined document properties and project properties.
  • Facility to notify the users through system notifications, on routing the deliverable to them.
  • Facility to send notification mails to POP3 external mailing system such as MS Exchange.

Design Creation Stage

  • Facility to assign security rights only for users in the creation stage of the electronic
  • Facility for creating a to do list for the creation users and to disappear when the
    workflow stage is completed.

Review of Documents

  • Facility to create a review stage in the workflow.
  • Facility to maintain a PDF file, along with the native file for review purpose.
  • The review stage can be set for approval of all resources ( as in Interdepartmental checking) or approve by one for department checking.
  • Facility to include client user in the review stage. The client comments are separated maintained.
  • Facility to set up the commenting to be done online through a cloud or offline on the internal network. Real time collaborative commenting over Web using addon integrated collaboration tool
  • Reviewers can be assigned dynamically during the workflow process with email notifications.

Internal Review

  • Facility to add comments by each user, parallelly or in sequence.
  • Facility to consolidate the comments for all users ( different files) into a single consolidated file.

Client Reviews

  • Clients can be given access for reviewing purpose.
  • Client can attach the client comments files and respective approval codes
  • Client can also participate on online real time commenting on the cloud (add on.)
  • Facility to view the client comments files separately.

Review Comment tracking

  • Comments files can be accessed by the designers.
  • Comments files separately maintained for client comments and Squad check comments( Inter departmental comments)
  • Automatic creation of comment resolution sheet(CRS), where each comment is electronically maintained and tracked with due date for response.
  • Facility to enter the response and publish back for each electronically maintained comments.
  • Facility to track due dates and create analytical reports for these comments.

Checklists Management QMS

  • Facility to assign checklist for creating and reviewing process.
  • Facility to set checklist based on roles / workflow stages. Can mandate the checklist for completing the stage.
  • Facility to open drawing/document and tick the checklist simultaneously, with remarks.
  • Tracking of Checkpoint history, including unattended checklist on a single page.

Client and Vendor Collaboration

  • Facility to link the transmittal to specific stages of the workflow, so that transmittals can be mandatory. Also the stage closure is linked with the transmittal stage.
  • Facility to release the drawing through a transmittal for different stages (Internal release, To Client, Client consultant, Released for Construction)
  • Automatic generation of transmittal number as per user defined logic and generation of transmittal format as followed in Company with customer/vendor/ consultant name, address, drawing information and purpose.
  • Facility to send email notifications with attachment or hyperlink of files for download.
  • Automatic updating of revision number for different release categories.
  • Option for vendor/ external parties for file submittal like FTP option.

Engineering Collaboration

Collaborative reviewing, commenting and consolidating comments

  • All drawing and document review comments can be recorded. Multiple versions of the comment
    files can be consolidated and viewed as a single comment file.

QR Code Embedding on Documents

  • Allows printing of the drawing and documents with QR code embedded so that the same can be scanned from the WRENCH mobile app and check the document is the latest or revised after the print has been taken.

3D Model Viewing and Commenting

  • 3D viewer capability without the aid of any native applications. Users can comment on the 3D model from within WRENCH collaboratively.

Inter Discipline Collaboration

IDC process of commenting can be done after uploading the physical file into cloud and opening a session for commenting by inviting the users. A third party application by name Bluebeam is integrated with WRENCH-Smartproject for this capability.

Comments Tracking and Resolution

Wrench allows online commenting directly on the PDF copies (Specter) of documents, allowing multiple reviewers to participate in simultaneous reviewing. Once the comments are made, Comments Response Sheet (CRS) can be created for tracking of the comments and helps in maintaining the quality of the subsequent revision of documents.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting module is a platform to manage meetings with comprehensive facilities to plan meetings, invite attendees, create meeting agenda, record meeting minutes, organize action items and follow-up its closure. Meeting module assists you in:

  • Adding meeting details.
  • Adding participants and defining roles.
  • Inviting meeting participants.
  • Accepting or rejecting meeting requests.
  • Creating meeting agendas • Recording minutes of meeting.
  • Publishing and circulating minutes of meeting.

Correspondence Management

  • Facility to Drag and Drop incoming email, scanned letters, scanned faxes store as correspondence related to the projects or tasks.
  • Facility to send these incoming mails to one or many users for review as per predefined workflow.
  • Facility to define notification to one or more people if mail is not replied.
  • Facility to prepare and send outgoing mails related to a project or task using standard templates.
  • Facility to specify the expected reply date for each mail.
  • Facility to define notification to one or more people if mail is not replied.
  • Facility to set automated notification and escalation mails.