Document Management Solution for Engineering

WRENCH SmartProject's EDMS feature is the only data and document management software that manages engineering drawings and documents, ensures 100% compliance as per your quality management process, and monitors the status and progress of your deliverables in real time.

Status Monitoring & Progress

Status Monitoring & Progress

Monitor the status of each deliverable and report progress (as per EVM).

Collaboration among team

Integrated with Collaboration

Time Management

Integrated with Time Management

Work break down structure (WBS)

Integrated with WBS

collaboration between stakeholders

Is collaboration between stakeholders causing you stress?

Engineering Document Review and Approval

Are you sure the document has been reviewed and approved?


Engineering Document Search

Are you struggling to find your documents?

Engineering Document flow

Do you know who the document is with now?

Transmittal and Submittal

Transmittal and Submittal

Revision and change Management

Revision or change Management

Engineering Document Search and Retrieval

Search & Retrieval

Engineering Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration


Engineering Drawings and Document

Drawing and Document Management

Capture, store, checkin/checkout, comment, maintain versions/revision, access control, security.

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Transmittals and Submittals

Transmittals & Submittals

A system-generated list of all the documents sent out from one department to another or from your organization to another

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Revision and Change Management on engineering documents

Revision and Change Management

A list of all the revisions made to a document in response to internal or customer-generated change requests

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Correspondance between stakeholders in a project

Correspondence Management

A record of all the Correspondence between all the stakeholders of a project.


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In SmartProject, the EDMS functions are integrated with the entire project workflow, so you get 'live' status reports that allow you to track and monitor progress accurately and course-correct as necessary.

Built-in workflow


SmartProject's built-in workflows helps you get an overview of a process to monitor its results...

Monitor work status and report progress


Monitor work status and report progress (as per EVM-based monitoring)...