Document Management Features

Drawing and Document Management

Document management is used to store, search and control a product’s requirements, specifications, and related documentation as it evolves and changes over the lifecycle of the product. The document definition allows files or folders to be attached to a single document item with classification-based metadata descriptors.

Document Management helps in :

  • Easy retrieval of documents
  • Maintain revision and version history
  • Ensures security for individual documents and or the folders

Transmittals and Submittals

Transmittals and Submittal makes sharing of drawings and documents between project stakeholder’s an easy exercise and enables efficient tracking of records of documents transmitted to customers, vendors or internally.

Revision and Change Management

Comprehensive revision change control for change management and maintains a complete revision history.

Facility to maintain the revision history of documents:

Each time a document is revised a revision of it will be stored in the system.

The original document and the changed document can be compared. Changed items are indicated in a different color from the original.

Correspondence Management

Correspondences are the continuous communication that takes place between all the stakeholders in which queries are asked, questions are answered, clarifications are given and these are very critical information which needs to be stored and maintained and many a time the information that is clarified needs to be replied back within certain time to prevent the project deliverables from getting delayed. Hence a record of the duration of time is also critical for ensuring proper correspondence management and also a proper recording of the history and an audit trial is also critical. Wrench Smart Project provides a facility to store all the correspondences within it by maintaining the complete history and the transaction and related information that is getting exchanged during this correspondence.