Risk in today's large projects is critically under-managed throughout the project life cycle and is not sufficiently accounted for in planning - you need to start planning Risk Allocations right from the bidding stage. WRENCH SmartProject understands the importance of alleviating risks and helps you anticipate and minimize risk effectively.

Risk Register

Record the risks involved in executing a large capital project and create actionable insight by measuring the probability and severity of risks on the project.

Mitigation Register

Create Action Plans on the Mitigation Register, record the change of impact due to negotiated agreements

Heatmap Monitor

A single window to the dashboard provides quick insight into prioritized risks for management attention

Risk Management Compliance with PMBok Principles and Guidelines

Analyze shift of risk severity or probability due to negotiated settlements and protectors

Align Risk actions with Schedule to define closure prioritizations

Did I account for all risks on my project?

What is my mitigation strategy for the risks?

Is my mitigation actions getting to closure on time?

Is my team committed to alleviate risks?