The most comprehensive

Quality Management System


Quality From our Customers Perspective

For years we serve as the backbone for our customers Quality Management Systems. Quality is defining what you do best, and ensuring that you deliver on what you say. This un-relentless pursuit of our customers on their qualified quality parameters gives them the competitive advantage that is core to their success. Wrench SmartProject" preserves these parameters, and help our customers maintain organisational focus right from their frontlines to the top management along their Construction Project Execution framework.


Mitigate Risks


Enforce Quality Process & Accountability

Empower Your Workforce & Knowledge Management

Security & Data Protection

On WRENCH SmartProjects Security


Access Control

WRENCH SmartProjects offers security to information at various levels. The access to information is secured by implementing stringent access control mechanisms.


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Content Security

Content stored in WRENCH SmartProjects are protected using sophisticated encryption methods. Sophisticated encryption procedures are used to tamper proof content.

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Deployment Security

WRENCH SmartProjects can be deployed in a variety of ways to secure the system to the desired extent.


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Cloud Security

When deployed on managed cloud services, Microsoft Azure cloud platform is the primary choice.


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