Quality Management System for EPC

Wrench SmartProject helps you enforce your Quality Management System down to the last detail, across every step of the project and across every department. SmartProject preserves the integrity of each quality protocol and KPI parameter by making it easy for everyone in the organization at every level to carry out their work process in real life exactly as it was planned on paper.

ISO 9000/9001 compliant: built on 'Plan - Do - Check - Act' principles

Continuous Improvement Cycle: uses a Flexible and Adaptive Process

Preserve Knowledge: focus on Checklist, Procedures, Evidences

Action Registers & Closure

How do you preserve your quality development journey?

How do you know if your competitive edge is organically rooted?


Are you able to seamlessly schedule Quality Audits?

Does your auditor and auditee know the scope of their audits?