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Beijing, 2-8-2019: Wrench Solutions (P) Ltd has entered into a partnership with ClearWaterBay (Beijing) Technology Limited Company  to sell and implement Wrench products and solutions to the Oil & Gas sector in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and Taiwan. 

ClearWaterBay will provide implementation services with support from Wrench, and together with Wrench will set up a dedicated support centre in Beijing to provide customer support services in the local language.

Wrench is a global provider of EPC project management software solutions for project owners, contractors, and consultants. China Petroleum Engineering (CPE), China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation (CPECC) and China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation (CPPE) are major Chinese Oil & Gas companies who have been using Wrench for over half a decade in their overseas offices.

ClearWaterBay Technology, the Beijing-based process development company, has for the last 9 years been in the business of providing services in Project Management Services, 3D plant design management and simulation.

The partnership will allow Wrench to expand its market presence, and will give China’s Oil & Gas and Chemical sector access to the latest technology across engineering, procurement, construction, and delivery.

“We are delighted to partner with Wrench”, said Junzhong Wu, Managing Director, ClearWaterBay. ” We found that Wrench has had successful implementations globally and especially in the overseas branches of Chinese companies like CPE, CPPE, and CPECC, we decided we could replicate this success in the local China market. We look forward to bringing Wrench’s industry knowledge and best practices to make Chinese industries globally competitive.”

“This is an exciting step for us”, said K.V Daniel, CEO, Wrench. “ClearWaterBay has an impressive track record and tremendous experience in developing processes for the Oil & Gas industry, and has saved its clients millions of dollars. We look forward to combining our expertise to provide China’s Oil & Gas and Chemical sector with robust and scalable project management technology solutions.”