June 04 2018, Doha:Al-Balagh, a leading business house in the State of Qatar which was awarded Best National Company for 2012-2013 by the Qatar Olympic Committee and serves the country’ s Construction, Industrial, Medical, Laboratory, Oil & Gas and Information Technology sectors, has chosen WRENCH SmartProject as its Document & Project Collaboration tool on the high security project development of ISF camp. The ISF camp development is the first project in Qatar which has been targeted to achieve the QSAS Neighbourhood Certification.

The project contractor wanted a system that could be hosted internally and was looking for an EDMS and project collaboration tool that could be shared across all the project stakeholders without compromising security, with the Submission and Review cycle of Project documents between Al-Balagh and their consultant KEO also needing a system with a 100% foolproof security architecture. After a thorough evaluation of various popular EDMS software, they chose WRENCH SmartProject.

Said Surag, WRENCH Project Manager “Since the project was already underway, we had to set up the system in a very short time, which led to some challenges, but I am proud that our team was still able to complete the implementation ahead of schedule by using an Offsite/Onsite model, where system configuration and settings were carried out offsite and only training was conducted onsite. This led to an efficient and speedy implementation and a satisfied client.”About SmartProject
WRENCH SmartProject is the leading Integrated Project Control and Information Management Platform which allows organizations to manage projects online, keeping them running smoothly despite changes, delays, or setbacks.For more details on SmartProject visit: www.wrenchsp.com