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The engineering and EPC industry is governed by processes. If you can’t control a process you can’t predict results, and if you can’t predict results you can’t plan a business. We’ve been serving this sector for over 15 years and we’ve learnt a few things about it, including the ins and outs of your particular vertical.

Energy & Utilities

oil and gas engineering

Since the 1800s, this industry has been driven by fierce competition and challenging geographical conditions. Reliable collaboration and trustworthy monitoring are invaluable in such projects and an automated process-driven system like WRENCH could save you a great deal of stress and rework, while ensuring painless collaboration and efficient document management. Some of our recent clients in this field include CH2M, Veco Engineering and Statoil.

This industry is booming as the global demand for energy soars with each passing year. As public pressure mounts, governments all over the world are actively seeking out cost-effective project companies who can take a project to completion with minimal delay or dispute. To meet this growing demand, companies are taking on project management consultants to help them deliver. WRENCH is the perfect go-between in such scenarios. Recent clients include Lanco Infratech, Moserbaer, TATA Power and Sterlite Grid.

Power transmission industry
Water sewage treatment

Water and sewage treatment technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Projects in this sector require specialized knowledge and specialized project-management strategies – not generic document / project / collaboration solutions. For one of our clients in this sector, WRENCH was a dream come true (VA Tech Wabag).

Chemical Industry

Chemical industry

Chemical industry is capital intensive, on-time project completion is crucial and project turnover is critical for planned operations. Also, most of the projects are in remote locations, making it difficult for collaboration across the stakeholders. WRENCH SmartProject provides digital platform to address these challenges and ensures that all stakeholders are on same page.


transportation sector

WRENCH SmartProject ensures that all users working from remote locations use a single integrated system and the latest document versions are available throughout the system. Monitoring and optimizing manpower is a requisite in the industry. In WRENCH SmartProject there is an automated monitoring system to manage manpower and generate weekly reports regarding the same.

As the world’s skylines continue to shift and change, even very large E/C organizations (Atkins, Simon Carves, Parsons Brinckerhoff) are turning to relatively unknown technologies to support evolving project scenarios, while for smaller companies winning projects can be challenging without a clear differentiator. WRENCH has proven to be that differentiator.

Aec and Smart Buildings
Marine and Offshore industry

Our customers are our best advertisements. Over the years, our most demanding customers have helped us grow and consistently turn out world-class products that offer REAL and MEASURABLE value. Today, a WRENCH SmartProject implementation means you get an expert IT partner with hands-on experience of your industry, not a software vendor or generic solutions supplier..