Construction Management Software

With WRENCH SmartProject decomposing complexity in construction program into acceptable tasks. Use its accelerators to configure Workflows, Templates, Checklists, Tasks etc. defined per industry standards to extrapolate into a plethora of use cases deployed quickly within your system.

Construction Work Packages & RFI Management

  • As WRENCH is a collaborative document system, access the approved for construction packages from Engineering approval cycles for use in construction
  • Create CWPs as per construction sequencing and link IFC documents as related documents
  • Create RFIs using templates for distribution of technical queries and capture changes through the communication module
  • Track RFIs to closure using the WRENCH workflow mechanism
  • Create comments and consolidate comments on IFC documents to capture as-built status
  • Route construction tasks through all stakeholders and track to completion
  • Finalize As-built documentations

Testing and Commissioning & Start-up

  • Maintain the Testing and Commissioning activity in WRENCH with timelines and workflows
  • Alert the users with reminders and escalations for the activities
  • Enforce quality process and preload the resources for activities
  • Upload the commissioning checklist and route through predefined workflows.
  • Reviewing process automating of the Commissioning Checklist
  • Acceptance of the commissioning results once reviewed and approved.
  • Document Management
  • Option to assign templates and upload the same to corresponding testing tasks.
  • Punch List Management
  • Alerts and notifications for reviewers and approvers
  • Register Punch points based on commissioning tests and assigning target dates and responsible users for the same.
  • Alerts and notifications based on users and target dates
  • Option to close punch list based on responses.
  • Option to assign mandatory documents for the acceptance of the testing.

All these have similar process management as ‘Testing and Commissioning’ process.

Safe to Operate

  • The Safe to Operate is a task in WRENCH initiated for audit. This has the concerned due date, and the responsible person would be assigned stakeholders(resources) for information.
  • Once the audit is completed, the report is uploaded and send to the reviewer for approval.
  • Once the document is approved, the task is completed, and the document is archived. the progress.

Site Acceptance Inspection Testing

  • The SAT audit schedule would be uploaded into WRENCH with the respective audits/ checklist as reference documents to it.
  • The auditors would get email notifications on the audits to be conducted and once the audit is completed to submit the audit report.
  • Once the audit report is approved using the electronic workflow, the punch points are registered into the system with tentative closure date and actioner to it.
  • The punch lists are closed in the system by the actioner and then it needs to be closed by the responsible authority.

Final Acceptance Testing

This is the same process as STO, other than the end output is a FAT document being approved and archived. the progress.

Handing Over and Taking Over Process

  • A standard list of documents is listed down for Hand Over / Take Over, in WRENCH as a task.
  • These documents are uploaded into the system by the respective stakeholders.
  • These documents are then released for handover using transmittals.
  • Also along with this, the pending punch list is handed over and the responsible person is changed.
  • The document with the list of spares and other resources is handover to O&M.
  • Once these documents are electronically approved, site handover of the task will be completed.

Perform full EPC tasks under one product suite

Not just a document management software but a complete Project execution solution

Preserve your quality, FAT/ SAT/ Handover solutions by project type

Continuous improvement capable

Project Module

Perform project onboarding, workflows & DMS configurations to manage project tasks

Document Management

A collaborative system for ALL discipline to work as one model for project execution

WBS & Task Module

Bring construction planning information to life here, associate document deliverable or task completion rules to track actions to closure.

Workflow Module

Use the workflow to move the task to different stages and get approvals, utilize the stage status information to also populate the progress measure

Templates & Checklists

Use our powerful template and checklists along with workflows, DMS, communication module and action registers to manage activities to completion.

As an owner how do I get all I want to manage my operations?

Are there any missing critical information left for handover?

How do I bring efficiency to my construction & commissioning cycle?

Is it safe to operate the plant/ factory?