Here's what our happy customers has to say about deploying WRENCH

Ayman El Tannir

China Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd.

"We managed 58 projects with the help of 13 people in project controls which is amazing. And thanks to SmartProject we were able to achieve 85% project efficiency."

Atul R Sandhan

Assistant General Manager - Civil, Tata Consulting Engineers

"100% time saved due to assurance of working with latest drawings and documents, 100% savings due to quality process being properly enforced, 100% payment realization due to real-time reports."

V.P. Shenoy

Head of Engineering, Godrej

"We are finding the following features of WRENCH SmartProject extremely useful: Workflow Process, Flexible Folder structure, Revision & Version Control, QMS enforcement"


"We now have a centralized system where all project processes can be customized and implemented as per our exact requirements."

Rajiv Verma

VLDM, Vatika Group

"We asked WRENCH to fill in the gaps left by our older project collaboration and document management software, and they certainly exceeded our expectations with their integrated cloud solution SmartProject!"

Abhishek De Sarkar


"After calling in WRENCH, the delay-causing issues in our process are completely solved, thanks to WRENCH SmartProject's centralized database, workflows, master document list, tracking documents, and scheduling"

Stephen Petch

Manager Project Controls,Tetratech WEI Inc Ltd, Manchester, UK

"A really robust and user-friendly system, developed from actual client requirements. I have evaluated and worked with many systems over the last 25 years and I think this one is remarkably well suited for an engineering company."

Gautham Chakladhar

DGM, Engineering, BHEL-Transmission Division, New Delhi, India

"With WRENCH SmartProject we are able to get the real-time status of key milestones for each deliverables, as well as its % status. We have gained complete control on the schedules of the project. The online report functionality has helped us to review project status periodically with the stakeholders, and reassure our client by providing real time and accurate status reports."

Senior Engineer

TATA POWER -SED Mumbai, India

"Getting onto this solution was one of the best business decisions we have made. During our annual meeting, our senior managers voted it the 'The best thing to happen this year'."

Jacob James

DGM, BHEL-PEM New Delhi, India

"Now we are able to share real-time engineering data that is created by our internal team, our other branches, vendors with the site, clients and consultants. WRENCH SmartProject enables us to put all the stakeholders of a project on a single page."

Michael Pickup

Director, Quality Riseabovealliance (Rep as Leighton Ltd), Abu Dhabi, UAE

" that WRENCH has passed our evaluation process above 7 other competitors in terms of performance, user friendliness, adaptability, and price, then I believe that I would be selecting WRENCH for quite a few more years without bothering going through a lengthy evaluation process (which started 5 weeks before WRENCH came into the picture)."

Romolo Raciti

Vice President, Operations Ch2Mhill VECO Engineering, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"As you are aware, in Abu Dhabi we have implemented a software program called WRENCH-Enterprise (now WRENCH SmartProject) which provides document and project controls functions and integrates with the likes of Primavera and Smart Plant Materials. There are also modules for construction and commissioning. We are using this software for a while now and found it very useful in providing the necessary project and documents controls and monitoring functions as well as ensuring the integrity of our documents. We have found it to be an excellent tool to maintain project documentation integrity, monitor work?ows, provide project status in real time. Furthermore it is web-based and it's capability to integrate with Primavera, Oracle, SP Materials and other databases is of great value for complex projects. It's use has made work sharing with India office as if India was simply in another room."

Kshiti Kothari

Vice President, IT Sidvin Core-Tech (I) Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

"As you know I worked very closely with your team and to me it has been a very fulfilling experience. I must say that you and the team have developed a world class product. Both the implementation and the support have been great. I am hoping that WRENCH SmartProject helps SIDVIN to achieve greater heights by showcasing end to end development supported in it. We are already using most of the features. I have had a great rapport with you and have learnt a lot. So a sincere 'thank you' to you and your team."

Bill Adhami

Engineering & Quality Manager,CH2M

"The key points regarding (the) SMART PROJECT system: 1. Excellent Document Management System, where all history is maintained, including letters, faxes, transmittals, specs, drawings, etc. 2. Excellent Earned Value System, where rule of credit can be chosen in agreement with client, which makes invoicing very simple. The rule of credit is flexible and can be different from client to client. 3. Excellent Tool for Quality Audit, where auditors can obtain all history and information regarding deliverables and processes, including evidence of IDC, ISC, etc. 4. The only negative point about WRENCH is the time required for processing, such as ISC, where it is a bit slow. This can improved by further modification to the system by the vendor. In the final analysis, I don't know of any available system that can perform better than WRENCH SmartProject."

R.D. Augustus

Manager, Quality Metito Overseas LLC, UAE

"This solution is an IDEA whose time has come... (It is) a business solution that enforces business process and thus ensure quality. Engineering data management is incidental as it captured along the process."

F.R. Singhvi

Joint MD, Sansera Engineering

"Before implementing SmartProject more than 70% of our projects used to get delayed. Now no project gets delayed as WRENCH SP's early warning system helps us take corrective action in time."

Dave Moss

EDMS Project Manager Simon Carves Ltd, Manchester, UK

"Gentlemen, I just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for your prompt service to our recent requests.... We have had a couple of urgent requests and after contacting you , you have dealt with promptly and effectively. Thank you very much for your support, we really do appreciate it."

N. Sivasubramanium

General Manager Qatar Design Consortium - Doha, Qatar

"This system helped us in quick and effective decision making by providing an information platform to track all our projects online - from the overall progress to intricate details like deliverables, schedules and responsibilities."

Ian Humphries

Group Head, Engineering and Procurement Simon Carves Ltd, Manchester, UK

"As an engineering company, what we produce and what we are paid for is engineering drawings and documents... managing the schedules, process and data related to these deliverables is most important for our business. We decided to implement WRENCH SmartProject to have complete control of these elements."


Head, Quality VAtech Wabag Ltd, Chennai, India

"In any customer-centric organization, it is crucial that we ?nd ways to manage the multiple processes that go into efficient project management.... Although we were skeptical at ?rst WRENCH SmartProject has proved to be the perfect solution for our company's needs - it has given our project managers the freedom to focus on customer management and the many details of project execution without worrying about the status of those all-important documents, reports, and engineering drawings."

C. Shelley

Manager, Planning Vatech Wabag Ltd, Chennai, India

"With WRENCH SmartProject, I have total control of ALL my engineering deliverables even the ones that are handled by multiple people, across different groups and locations."

John Mathew

Director(Operations), Chalmers

"I am astounded by how easily and quickly they re-aligned all our processes. So many inefficiencies have now disappeared. I couldn't be more grateful."

Rajat Pradhan

Project Management Group

"The high degree of customization and built-in industry best practices helped us control schedules at every step."

Shailendra Ostwal

IT Head

"We already had SAP, CAD, email etc., but EPC is such a competitive sector that we thought we should invest in something that can give us an extra advantag, WRENCH gave us that advantage."

Colin Pickering

Project Director, Saadiyat Beach Resort Project

"The WRENCH implementation was a major success and has undoubtedly helped us to streamline our process and enhanced our overall productivity."


Project Director, Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)

"We had only thought of electronic data management, never expected all-round impact like this. Every phase from planning to delivery has been optimized."

Mohd Sadek

Deputy Project Director, Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)

"This is a well designed system. They (WRENCH Team) really understand the turnkey project process and this industry...I was surprised by how much functionality is packed into one product and how well it integrates with all our existing systems....I can honestly say that it is best I.T. investment we have made till now."


IT & Systems Director, Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)

"After switching to WRENCH, I am confident that even our most demanding customers will be satisfied with the quality of each and every deliverable..... The remote monitoring and automated report functions have given our managers complete control ....For the first time we can avoid most of the rework and delays and from now on our projects can be completed on time without major firefighting."

Martin Kelly

Director(QHSE), Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)

"From a major pain point to a foolproof, automated aspect of project management, quality management is one of the most impressive benefits we have seen so far."

Vikram Rao

GM-Project Controls, Essar

"We have seen so many tools in the market, but haven't seen anything which is integrated and brings complete EPC visibility for me."

Piyush Pandey

Manager, ESSAR

"I found the system very easy to use and flexible enough to cater all my requirements"