Many people, many locations, many deliverables.
You need to Work As One – one team, one process, one goal!


Vice President, Projects


To ensure projects are progressing as per schedule and on budget

David’s biggest challenge is how to get accurate data to predict outcomes better and how to course-correct outcomes (from where they were to where they should be). Until SMARPROJECT he relied on instinct, experience, and educated guesses to do his job. But now he has the benefit of working with 100% accurate and up to date information which helps him immediately spot bottlenecks and nip them in the bud. He is able to not only recover from overrun but in many cases prevent it altogether! He is also empowered to make better decisions for current and future projects which has made him a most valuable asset to his employers.


Project Engineer/Manager


Track progress, keep clients happy

Mark’s life was pretty stressful – he tracked planned vs actual (by comparing spreadsheets), he coordinated with different disciplines to resolve conflicts and issues, he tracked ‘pending’ tasks, meeting ‘minutes’, he managed his planning engineers escalation reports, he tried to catch potential delays in the bud, he soothed nervous clients….and all using manually-generated and largely un-verified data. Today? He still has to deal with nervous clients but he’s now armed with accurate and up-to-date information.


Quality Manager


To enforce the company’s quality

Most EPC companies have clearly defined processes to manage quality but enforcing them is where the challenge lies. For Asif’s company this problem was solved the minute they got SMARTPROJECT – because during a SMARTPROJECT implementation one of the first things to be done is standardisation of processes as per the client’s industry’s best practices. So now, Asif is no longer burdened by the need to manually enforce every step in every process -the system does that for him!


Planning Engineer


To ensure project deliverables are planned/forecasted and re-forecasted based on actual status

Francis used to start his day by logging into Primavera or MS Project. About a dozen phone calls came next to get progress updates. Now, he simply opens a single schedule which shows all the deliverables (which were imported automatically from the other software), their current (accurate!) status, and even client submission reports automatically formatted as per the company’s standardized templates. And everything automatically captured, so guaranteed free of human error.


Head of Project Controls


Ensuring standardisation in the planning process and in reports

Before SMARTPROJECT Alan’s job was extremely tedious because he had to follow processes and reports that were defined per project and because he had to gather status updates via meetings or email or phone calls. Today, all processes are standardized and built into the system as are all the report templates, and all status updates are captured by the system as work progresses. So now Alan is free to focus on fire-fighting and expediting work at a global level.


Lead Engineer


Estimates for new projects

Angelo relied on his company’s ‘thumb rules’ while creating estimates for new projects which naturally led to less-than-precise results. Now he uses SMARTPROJECT’s ‘intelligent’ data retrieval mechanism to access past project estimates to get a better idea of what worked and what didn’t. Also the system shows him the number of deliverables vs number of available man-hours, so he is able to keep the estimates both efficient and realistic.

Design Engineer


To manage the creation, modification, changes/updation, and archival of designs / drawings

What used to be a straightforward process on paper but hugely inefficient in reality has now become a straightforward process in real life also! Rajiv would earlier have to manually hunt down drawings in their respective folders, sort through emails to get people’s comments and append them to the drawing, manually convert into pdf, chase down signatures (often he had to take a printout and get the hard copy signed)…and so on. Today: search is done in seconds via smart ‘tags’, comments are automatically consolidated (and if required converted into a To-Do list), archival and versioning is automated….the list goes on.




Enforcing the defined review process

Put it this way: Sven today just logs in to SMARTPROJECT to manage the following: checklist updates, template mapping, tracking reviewers and comments, online commenting, consolidation of comments, and Check/Review modifications on the document, along with the comments markup given in the older revisions. All without moving from his desk.


Document Controller


Managing vendor deliverables

Marianne’s job used to be pretty thankless. It involved a great deal of manual coordinating and verifying and registering, using a mixture of MSExcel, local folders, common folders, hard copies, soft copies, FTP, email, and even couriers. Today over 80% of her process is automated, as vendors can directly log into SMARTPROJECT themselves.



Keep an eye on the project’s progress

Project owner/clients get used to wading through many many documents, some standardised, most not. For example: offline reports submitted as spreadsheets, registration and tracking of ‘ageing’ reports via FTP, document controller reports/requests sent via email, his own comments, ingoing/outgoing correspondence….which naturally often led to conflict, misunderstanding, frustration. Now, this is how the day goes: log in to SMARTPROJECT, check online dashboards, check online reports, comments vs approval and in fact all other pertinent reports and reviews. He now has a clear idea of what’s going on. He then enters his comments directly into the system, sorts through the project’s correspondence log (email, fax etc.) to reassure himself. All without a single phone call.




Send document deliverables as agreed upon in contract

Johnson and his client were often at loggerheads, simply because of the inefficiency of the process between them. But now that both are on SMARTPROJECT and everything is driven by the system, life has become not only more efficient but tension-free!
Were expecting a document management tool but got a whole toolbox!”
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