Real-time performance monitoring by integrating with existing business systems

WRENCH SmartProject integrates with multiple business systems along the business process and captures the real time status for Integrated Project Performance Monitoring.

Integrated EPC Planning & Monitoring

  • Track purchases against procurement milestones
  • Performs Earned Value Analysis to measure progress
  • Generates alerts when schedule or cost deviations cross threshold
  • Cost tracked real time from ERP

Automated Status Monitoring Framework

WRENCH converts your high-level work breakdowns into To Do list for each resource. It enables you to track the project progress at a very minute level.

Engineering Process

We have learned from our customers for the last 20 years. WRENCH has best practices in your industry already stored as workflows.

Vendor Engineering Workflow*

*This is just a sample workflow. User-defined workflows can be configured as needed.

ERP / Cost Management & Project Management Integration

Schedule information is seamlessly captured from Primavera. The progress of activities is synchronized between your ERP and WRENCH in real time.