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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Japans JV sign up WRENCHTM


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japans Joint venture company MHI Eng & Industrial Projects to Implement WRENCHTM. MEIP will undertake business development, design, engineering, procurement, construction management, after-sale services and other functions for various industrial and infrastructure projects handled by MHIs Machinery & Steel Infrastructure Systems division, which is also responsible for the construction of fertilizer plants, methanol plants, petrochemical plants and oil & gas production plants. MEIP shall develop businesses related to chemical & environmental plants (including carbon dioxide recovery systems and flue-gas desulfurization plants) and transportation systems in the fast growing Middle East, India and Africa. As the economy forces more and more EPC companies to expand into new markets, a system like WRENCHTM becomes absolutely necessary just to stay in business against stiff competition. I can confidently say that WRENCHTM truly does facilitate the smooth execution of projects outside the home country which i am sure you will agree is a HUGE competitive advantage for todays EPC company -Manesh Alias, Director of Operations, WRENCHTM About MHI MHI, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s leading heavy machinery manufacturers, with consolidated sales of 2,903.7 billion yen (about $ 35 Billion) in the year ended March 31, 2011. MHIs diverse lineup of products and services encompasses shipbuilding, power plants, chemical plants, environmental equipment, steel structures, industrial and general machinery, aircraft, space rocketry and air-conditioning systems.