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Parson Brinkerhoff to Implement WRENCHTM on $1.2billion Singapore Power Project


Global Consulting major Parson Brinkerhoff will use WRENCHTM to manage projects engineering deliverables on its long-stalled $1.2 billion Green Field Island Power project in Singapore. WRENCHTM will be set up as the online project Control systems across consultants, third-party vendors, and internal teams. Green Field Island Power, one of the first in Singapore to use re-gasified gas from the LNG terminal on Jurong Island, was stalled until recently due to third-party gas pipeline import issues but in 2009 received a fresh lease on life with the entry of GMR, and is now owned by GMR Infrastructure and a Siemens-Samsung consortium. With 70 per cent of the project likely to be debt-financed, WRENCHTM was chosen in part because of its ability help project organizations manage risk across shareholders. WRENCHTM will be the online platform for tracking and monitoring project interactions and documents including engineering and correspondence, as well as fast collaboration across groups. All prescribed procedures will be enforceable automatically across teams, ensuring quality as well as ready-to-hand transaction history and documentary evidence for each deliverable. Internally, all changes will be automatically recorded and automatically shared to relevant personnel. This should cut down on processing time and human error, enabling deliverables to be completed on time and within budget. Even if there is a delay, the source can be quickly identified and set right and since delay is inevitable in most projects, WRENCHTM will help contain damage and get back on track as quickly and painlessly as possible. About Parsons Brinkerhoff :(www.pbworld.com) Parsons Brinckerhoff is a 125 year old global consulting firm assisting public and private clients to plan, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain hundreds of critical infrastructure projects around the world.