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Murray & Roberts (Dubai, UAE) chooses WRENCHTM as their main stream Enterprise data management system with project management integration


Murray & Roberts, a leading construction giant in South Africa chooses WRENCHTM as their mainstream Enterprise data management system. They will use WRENCHTM as main stream system and Aconex as upstream system to interface with the client. WRENCHTM proven capability to produce enhanced reporting in dashboards rather than the tedious process of manual report generation, aided WRENCHTM in choosing WRENCHTM over Acconex as the main stream system. With the introduction of WRENCH, delays in generating key performance charts will be eliminated and will open up the gates for an easy data transfer. WRENCHTM also will enforce the quality management processes and also ensure corporate standardization across all projects. About Murray & Roberts: Murray & Roberts is South Africa’s leading engineering, contracting and construction services company. It has created employment, developed skills, installed infrastructure, delivered services, applied technology and built capacity throughout South and Southern Africa for 107 years, making a significant contribution to sustainable socio-economic development in the region. Murray & Roberts operates in Southern Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australasia and North and South America from its home-base in Johannesburg South Africa, where it has a public listing on the JSE Limited. It has an international coordinating office in the United Kingdom and principle offices in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe. Visit www.murrob.com to know more