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Dubai, September 2017: The DUTCO Group, a major player in the Middle East construction industry with activities in a diverse range of construction and engineering-related fields, will shortly begin rolling out WRENCH SMARTPROJECT across the six companies in the DUTCO Construction Division. Implementation will start with a state-of-the- art hotel project that is a joint venture between DUTCO and Balfour Kilpatrick, a leading MEP contractor. This first project on which SMARTPROJECT will be used is a 350-room state-of-the-art hotel on over 6000 sq. meters, where DUTCO Hotels Division is the client and will be working together with BK Gulf. DUTCO wanted a system to manage project data and monitor project progress in real-time. After evaluation, they chose SMARTPROJECT as their corporate system based on its impressive track record with Middle Eastern construction projects over the last decade (over 8000 to date) for some of the world's most demanding EPC contractors. Once the first hotel project is completed, DUTCO plans to roll out WRENCH SMARTPROJECT across all their projects. This is going to be one of our more challenging and crucial implementations in the Middle East, but thanks to our experience of working with leading EPC contractors I am confident we will complete this smoothly, with maximum client satisfaction. said Mohammed, Project Manager, WRENCH Solutions.