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CBRE chooses WRENCH SMARTPROJECT to optimize delivery of project management services.


New Delhi, 28 August 2017: CBRE, the world's largest real estate services and investment firm, has chosen WRENCH SMARTPROJECT to improve the delivery of their project management services. SMARTPROJECT will automate and optimise project data, collaboration, and project management on the cloud, as well as enforce the defined Quality Management System automatically across all groups.

Said KV Daniel, CEO, WRENCH Solutions, "One of the unique things about CBRE is its intensively detailed Quality Management System (QMS). We had to pull out all the stops to automate and enforce it comprehensively within the organization".

CBRE chose SMARTPROJECT after an exhaustive 20-month evaluation. They started looking into the technology after they realized there were deviations in their manually-enforced quality process, and were pleased by SMARTPROJECT's collaboration and project management capabilities which, once implemented, will greatly improve their manpower resources utilisation as well. The evaluation process was based on actual customer site reviews and included simulating the project delivery process through SMARTPROJECT, in order to allow CBRE personnel to see the software 'live' and in action.

"This evaluation was spread out over a long time, and I can proudly say that our customer is now implementing the system with complete confidence. I expect them to see significant improvements across all aspects of their project management process soon.", said Gaurav Kapoor, Operation Manager, North India, WRENCH.