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Vatika Group switches to cloud-based WRENCH SMARTPROJECT as its enterprise project management system.


March 10 2017, Delhi Vatika Group, a leading Indian Real Estate Developer, has upgraded its construction project management platform to WRENCH SMARTPROJECT, in a bid to efficiently manage project information and collaboration on all their running projects. The SMARTPROJECT platform will run in the MS AZURE (public) cloud, and be the default system across the enterprise to exchange engineering data between internal engineering teams and external architects and contractors. Vatika already had a system to manage project information and collaboration but needed a way to manage time-bound feasibility analyses. They decided to switch to SMARTPROJECT because of its ability to manage the project gate system during the feasibility study, along with complete documentation histories related to the feasibility phase. Their search for a system capable of handling the complete lifecycle from feasibility, project execution and handover to facility management started a year ago. Also, Vatika wanted to monitor and manage project deliverables during the project execution phase and prevent delays through aggressive online monitoring. After a detailed pilot evaluation on a live project they chose WRENCH SMARTPROJECT. WRENCH Operations Head, Gaurav Kapoor said "Vatika wants to roll out the transition from their current system to SMARTPROJECT within 12 weeks which will be challenging, as they will be moving for the first time to a 100% cloud-based system, but we are confident that we will be able to handle this migration smoothly.” http://www.vatikagroup.com/