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WRENCHTM implementation team continues award-winning streak with record 2-month completion of Phase 2 for ENOC-EEPM


The second phase of WRENCHTM project delivery solution for oil major ENOC-EEPM was completed in a record 8 weeks and a mere 3 months after Phase 1. Now that users are fully acclimatised to the new systems, the company has added full project monitoring, tracking, and control functions which also give unique features like the integration of  Time Sheet and Billing Module. WRENCHTM Operations Head, Manesh Alias, commented on his team's success: Our two great strengths are domain knowledge and fast implementations, and they are like two ends of a bridge - the first helps us understand the customer's challenges and requirements better than anybody else and the second helps us resolve the challenges and fulfil the requirements faster than anybody else. I am proud to say that even after so many implementations our engineers still treat each one as a learning curve. I believe this is what allows us to deliver tremendous value to each customer, whether he is 200 or 20000-member organisation.