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Phase 1 of ENOC EEPM project delivery system complete, Service Excellence Award for implementation team


Middle Eastern oil giant ENOC-EEPM has awarded WRENCHTM a Service Excellence award in recognition of the first phase implementation recently completed. This phase sees the organisation switching to an automated online platform which among other things now guarantees human-error-free results in time sheet management, online processing of Service Requests, and Project ID's. The system developed by WRENCHTM Solutions and customized for ENOC's requirements also enables process-driven rather than manually-driven project document management across the project cycle but with the ability to configure desired processes. Features include standardised folder setup, track and maintain document history, transmittals management, per-user security options, change-tracking and sharing on documents, etc. The implementation represents a paradigm shift for ENOC-EEPM in the way project teams, and so the second phase is planned only after users have had sufficient time to adapt.