SmartProject Interface Management for large CAPEX projects helps you coordinate and manage multiple contractors smoothly, and resolve any interface issues speedily and effectively.

Interface Management

  • Create a Master Document Register for Interface enabled documents
  • Associate RFI or Non-compliance templates
  • Assign interface actions and associated resolution Actioner
  • Capture resolutions or agreements centrally
  • Report on Interface issues resolved or open status

Actions & Resolution

  • Alerts and notifications for reviewers and approvers
  • Register Punch lists based on commissioning tests, and assigning target dates and responsible users
  • Alerts and notifications based on users and target dates
  • Option to close punch lists based on responses
  • Option to assign mandatory documents for the acceptance of the closures.

Manage interface issues and communications centrally

Traceability of closure

Early warning – Identify interface areas lacking communication

Interface Management

Associate Interfacing unique number, contractors list, Interface MDLs


Generate RFIs/ NCs on interface items

Action Registers

Consolidate action items for assigned actioner

Action Registers

Consolidate action items for assigned actioner

What is the coverage of my Interfacing Areas?

Do we have a record of project agreements for tie-ins?

What is the cost of late stage rework?