Tame complexity using our time-tested implementation strategy

Experience simplified lifecycle implementation using our professional services to deploy our comprehensive offering from capital planning and construction to operations and maintenance for owners and operators, contractors and sub-contractors.


At WRENCH we believe that our customer journey does not end with product rollout, but it begins with our continued association with us as they experience our managed services, aftercare support and consulting. WRENCH Professional Services specializes in providing implementation consulting for the Project Controls, Earned Value Management, Cost Management, Resource Management, Risk Management, Quality Management Systems and Integrated Project & Portfolio Performance Management. Having worked extensively with Engineering, Construction, Operations focused companies in Energy, Commercial, and Infrastructure sector, we apply real-world experience and knowledge when assisting customers in implementing processes and procedures in support of the WRENCH SmartProject implementation success.

Simplify your Project and Operation Management

Thought leaders in WRENCH have bought in years of combined experience executing complex implementations worldwide to develop a system capable of bringing your next project live in no time.


This phase involves usual product installation, requirement workshops, Test Plan and closure of deployment of project or sub-project scope on a test server. The project team starts executing the project as per plan from the planning team. The functional requirement signoff happens in this phase and the configuration is finalized based on this approved document.

Data Migration & Normalization

Existing projects is identified, and the non-configurational data in spreadsheet, documents registers, Planning data, client rule of credits etc is migrated into the test environment. In some case data transformation is required to ensure the end objective from the standardization of project attribution data is met.

Rollout for Testing

Have a go-live test plan and undergo Site Acceptance Test with beta customers. Once cleared rollout the project in a production server


Stabilize project teams on a live project by providing user, administrative level trainings.


Handover the project configurations to Product support teams to operationalize customer configuration aware support teams that assist to run train the trainer program, work as one community support architecture, administrative supports and facilitate customer inhouse third party system integrations.