Engineering Manager

Make sure that every technical deliverable is delivered on time and on budget to the client


Schedule Management

Monitor every milestone of every deliverable in near real time and track variances between planned and actual with system-generated reports and 'live' dashboards

Schedule Management for engineering projects
Key Milestones in engineering project

Key Milestones

Integrated Project Planning & Monitoring

Integrated Project Planning & Monitoring - EPC


Set up smooth and hassle-free collaboration between stakeholders, with full documentation and audit trails maintained automatically

Pieces of jigsaw puzzle coming together
Mutiple stakeholders in the collaboration


Documentation of the activities


Audit Trail for the team collboration

Audit trails

Quality Management

Ensure all technical documents are executed as per the Project Quality plan, and prevent deviations from the process (agreed upon with the client)

Quality Management Review
Quality Review Report

Quality Report

Project Quality Plan

Project Qualiity Plan


Plan and manage role-based resources for running and future projects, or for multiple concurrent projects, with planned vs actual time comparisons and What If analyses readily available

Engineering Resource Management
Engineering Project Resource Plan

Project Resource Plan

Resources Planned Vs actual time

Planned Vs actual time