The engineering and EPC industry is governed by processes. If you can’t control a process, you can’t predict results and if you can’t predict results you can’t plan business. We’ve been serving this industry for over 15 years now, and we’ve learnt a few things along the way, including the ins and outs of your particular vertical.
What we offer is a custom-made solution for your industry, not just software.



WRENCH | enterprise™ ensures that all users working from remote locations use a single integrated system and the latest document versions are available throughout the system. Monitoring and optimizing manpower is a requisite in the industry. In WRENCH | enterprise™ there is an automated monitoring system to manage manpower and generate weekly reports regarding the same.

I have evaluated and worked with many systems over the last 25 years and I think this one is remarkably well suited for an engineering company.”
Stephen Petch
Tetratech WEI Inc

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