Come, take a WRIDE!

The WRENCH Research, Implementation, and Development Centre has three goals: make construction companies happy, build awesome technology, and enjoy what you do at work. In that order.

WRIDE is located in the up-and-coming metropolis of Kochi. A city touted as the next IT Centre of India, Kochi is also the birthplace of the company's founders and boasts one of Asia's most advanced Special Economic Zones.

Here is what some WRENCHINEERS say

Vinod Alex
Assistant Manager -Product Technical

Talent and experience work together here in a rhythmic way, and together spell 'success'. It's a place where we can truly feel the pains and gains of the ultimate user and it gives us real motivation and energy.....

Anoop V Kartha

Anoop V Kartha
Manager Technical Support

The 8 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. If you want to work in good environment you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment – WRENCH is the place.

Delvin Raphael P J
Assistant Manager -Product Technical

What makes working at WRENCH truly special is the workplace culture that encourages innovation. I personally am enjoying an unparalleled freedom to experiment on technology to create the best software system for the industry.

Thanuja Eldhose
Assistant Manager -Product Technical

What I do at WRENCH isn't about a profession, it's about a passion. Here people understand my technical skills and appreciate my creative impulse, while showing 100 percent confidence in my work.

Subin K Thomas

Subin K Thomas
Assistant Manager-Quality Assurance

We change our world! I am excited about making the impossible possible, working faster than ever before, and in ways no one else can. Here there are no boundaries for revolution…and that is a huge motivator!

George Mathew
Manager Customer Support and Services

The work-life balance is amazing. Above all, I'm blessed with an excellent team that always wants to deliver the best to our customers. Yes, we are Wrenchineers and we are proud to be called so.

Shajan S
Assistant Manager -Product Technical

What I love about this company is that it allows me to go beyond my engineering specializations. ‘Multitasking' here has exposed me to the business world and helped me find a new confidence to find a real pathway to a bigger future.

Manesh C Mamachan
Assistant Manager -Product Technical

We build solutions that are known for their adaptability, an adaptability that makes each client extremely satisfied. In my book, nothing compares to that feeling of being able to satisfy one's clients completely.

Pradeep R
Head Corporate Planning and Projects

I never felt as an employee working here that I was just counting time, and clock-watching. Now I am doing what I love, sitting inside the most inspirational place. That is WRENCH, for me! I can't imagine working anywhere else, to be honest.

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