Plan. Monitor. Build. Log in once.
At last, a smart project control solution that integrates planning, design, execution, and monitoring
– from project start to project finish.
Manpower Savings
A Smart S-Curve ?
WRENCH SmartProject is an engineering and construction project control system that lets you execute project deliverables on a secure, mobile-accessible, cloud-based platform. It helps you manage manpower efficiently, track and share documents without manual intervention, monitor work progress in real time, enforce quality procedures with 100% accuracy, and collaborate effortlessly from anywhere.
Functions integrated across E, P, and C
  • Drawing document management
  • Task monitoring (via WBS)
  • Project information capture
  • Transmittals submittals
  • Revision change management
  • Correspondence management
  • Reports dashboards
  • Administration utilities
  • Knowledge management
  • Integration with other software
Danny talks about bringing intelligence into the system at ACE European CEO Conference 2014
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Who should use SmartProject?
General Contractors
Engineering Consultants
Project Mgt. Consultants
Project Owners
If you’re a contractor who has taken on the full EPC scope, you know that what used to be the owner’s risk has now become yours. You need a way to reduce that risk – at the source. And the source is usually design/documentation. By making sure documents are managed with maximum efficiency and minimum rework you reduce the chances of ending up with expensive delays.
We know what you need: a way to get quality designs and drawings (i.e. your deliverables) out to the client as quickly as possible. Right? Well, SmartProject can help you do that with the resources you already have – no need to increase manpower. Imagine being able to avoid mistakes and rework and reuse older designs – how much would that improve your bottom line?
A PMC is the single point of contact between various project parties from consultant to contractor to vendor. In short, you talk to everyone, and you keep everyone talking to everyone else. But how do you keep your client happy? By keeping him informed…and by using a foolproof system that takes the unpredictability factor out of the equation. We offer a way to do both with extreme efficiency.
You stand to win or lose more than anybody else on a construction project. If your projects continually bleed cash due to delays, documentation issues (incomplete/late documents), resource shortages, or local infrastructure issues like low bandwidth and slow connectivity, then here is the perfect (and proven!) way to protect profits and ensure speedy delivery.
EPC domain expert Neal Cornwell explains why companies still don’t have control over their projects.
What are the 3Cs?
De-risk with EVM


Best Practices Implementation
A client asked for a feature, we built it, incorporated it into the system, took it to the next level. And over two decades of serving engineering organizations has given us a pretty good insight into how your industry functions and how your projects play out in real life.

So what you get is essentially a sort of ‘navigator’ or project GPS that keeps track of where you are and where you ought to be, and guides you from start to finish.

100% quality in every deliverable is possible!
Data Migration and Normalisation
Engineering is a data-intensive field. Over the years you’ve generated and inherited massive amounts of data and probably never been able to thoroughly sort, verify, or store it in a way that is re-usable. Here’s where we step in and transform your data landscape – we ‘re-engineer’ it!

That is, design, extract, cleanse, and verify to ensure complete ‘data hygiene’ (i.e. your data is cleaned up and ready to use with no deadwood or unnecessary duplication or redundancy.)
Rollout, Training, Support
WRENCH SmartProject transforms your business most effectively when used on the cloud (we use MS Azure) because it eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure like servers and other hardware. However, we also offer an on-premises version which works off the .net architecture.

Implementation is fast and painless, and takes from 4 to 6 weeks. We provide detailed remote training for all levels of personnel.
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It’s as if our India office was in the next room!”
Romolo Raciti

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