Construction projects need to get smarter. We’re here to help.
We bring you information, quality, and collaboration management solutions to improve your business bottom line. And to make the lives of project owners, contractors, and consultants a lot easier.
“Our aim from the beginning was to help engineering organisations achieve highest possible levels of efficiency, through IT”
K. V. Daniel
Co-founder and CEO, WRENCH Solutions (P) Ltd.

K. V. Daniel
Co-Founder and CEO

“I had a dream…. but reality turned out better and bigger.”

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Aju Peter
Co-Founder and CTO

“Information Technology is not a means to an end, it IS the end – of inefficiency.”

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Neal Cornwell

“The four building blocks of a ‘great’ project: schedule, budget, quality and technology combine to exceed stakeholders expectations.”

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Maya Varghese

“Before I became Chief Quality Officer I thought quality was about enforcing processes. Now I know it’s about empowering people.”

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Manesh Alias

“Running global operations from India has allowed us to mesh global best practices with our service orientation.”

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Premjith Augustine

“Money talks but good ideas talk louder.”

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Smart Systems. Happy World.
The name WRENCH comes from the tool that provides ‘grip’ while applying torque. A pipe wrench, for example, lets you open a pipe to clear blockage or leakage. Similarly, WRENCH creates software tools that help clear blockages or leakages in the flow of information within the organisational ‘pipe’ and can be adjusted to a variety of ‘pipe’ sizes.
(The ‘smart’ in SMARTPROJECT comes from the idea that intelligence can be built into systems if you have enough knowledge about the process you seek to improve.)
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Gentlemen, I just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for your prompt service to our recent requests …….We have had a couple of urgent requests and after contacting you , you have dealt with promptly and effectively. Thank you very much for your support, we really do appreciate it.”
Dave Moss
EDMS Project Manager, Simon Carves Ltd, Manchester, UK

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